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What coat colors are available in this litter?
Light cream, medium cream, dark cream, golden, and apricot.

Will my puppy's coat be wavy or curly? 
Definitely WAVY, not curly.

English Goldendoodles are known for their TeddyBear head shape.  Because English Golden Retrievers are cream, their coat color will lighten somewhat.  Charlotte and Boaz's puppies are 50% English Cream Golden Retriever and 50% Miniature Red Poodle.  Their puppies' coats will be soft and wavy and easy to brush, lessening the need for professional grooming.  

What size will my goldendoodle puppy be?  Mini (20-30 lbs) or Medium (30-40 lbs) or Standard (41-50+) lbs?

Boaz, the sire, weighs 20 pounds, and Charlotte, the dam, weighs 55 pounds.  From their 2021 litter there were 10 puppies and from the 2022 litter, there were 9 puppies.  All of the females grew to an adult weight of 22-30 pounds. Of the 3 males, 2 grew to be 28 pounds, 2 grew to be 33 pounds, 1 grew to be 44 pounds, and 1 grew to be 52 pounds.  So, of the 19 puppies from 2 litters, 15 were actually mini goldendoodles, 3 were medium sized, and 1 was standard sized at 50+ pounds.   We expect the females from the March 2023 litter to be 22-30 pounds and the males to be 28-44 pounds.  

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