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Plan for Your Puppy

Get Ready!

Training your puppy is about you learning how to be a good leader for your puppy!

There are 2 puppy trainers which I recommend which have excellent YouTube videos:

McCann Dogs:  Located in Canada, these trainers have been training puppies for 30 years.  They teach everything including what to do with your puppy in the first week and the next five weeks.  They have videos which address specific behaviors.  Their videos are usually 5 - 10 minutes in duration and are worth watching several times over.  

Jim Hodges:  Located in North Caroline, this trainer films on site at his training facility where he has a 2 week residency program for puppies and dogs.  His videos are about 20 minute in duration, and he demonstrates several commands using a firm but loving tone which is very positive and effective.    

What to Feed Your Puppy:  Nutro Chicken and Brown Rice or Nutro Salmon and Rice

House Training:  crate training is effective and helps your puppy understand.  Watch videos!

Teething:  provide something acceptable and enjoyable for your puppy to chew, such as Bully Sticks.  

Praise:  puppies love to please and providing training treats will help your puppy love to please you.  Polkadot Wonder Nuggets are the treats I buy but you might need to cut them in half or quarters in the beginning.  You don't want to fill your puppy's tummy with treats, just give a small yummy reward.

Play:  do not underestimate your puppy's intelligence!  Charlotte began retrieving a toy the day I brought her home at 8 weeks.  Playing with your puppy will teach your puppy how fun it is to play!  Be encouraging and fun with your voice as you talk to your puppy.

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